Photograph Lucas Terrace Apartment
B/w photograph, copy; 9.0 x 11.5 cm 
 Description:  Lucas Terrace Apartments, with notations by Daisy Thorne Gilbert.  Taken for John Edward Weems, A Weekend in September (New York:  Henry Holt and Company, c1957) but not used in his book.  "Front view room and wreckage. Just as we stayed it shows much of ceiling gone. Window in back wall my room. (top) Window frame of room in front of mine. (right side) After wreckage cleared, room below showed only back wall and nothing but corner posts of other walls, rubble-filled. (bottom)"
[Sep 1900]
Apartments; Lucas Terrace Apartments; Gilbert, Daisy Thorne; Weems, John Edward; Weekend in September, A

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